Tudor McLeod Preferred Access Fund
Tudor McLeod Income Fund

Purpose Built

Explore our two unique funds, created based on the preferences and input we've gathered from investors like you.

The Tudor McLeod Preferred Access Fund is designed to provide accredited investors with a market-competitive return and allows preferred access to the best private equity real estate projects offered by Tudor McLeod. The fund was constructed from the hard-won lessons of the founders investing their own funds over many years.

We take a value-add approach when selecting property deals and always look for ways to increase the net income and occupancy of the property by improving collections, renovating interiors and exteriors, and correcting management inefficiencies.

With opportunities coming so quickly, a fund-based investment option gives us the most flexibility to attack property deals as they become available. Sometimes the ability to act quickly is the difference between getting the deal or losing it to a competitor. We also want to be able to combine quick turnover opportunities with longer-term holds.

Most importantly, Tudor McLeod has over a 10-year track record of superior returns for its investors.

The Tudor McLeod Income Fund is designed to provide steady income. The founders have worked very successfully with a group of hedge fund managers over the years to manage their own cash. This is a proprietary mix of short-term investments and they decided that it was only fair to share this with their clients. It’s a great place to park cash. It is also an excellent option for reinvesting income from the Preferred Access Fund.

Tudor McLeod Preferred Access

Initial investment term of 36 months and then an option for annual liquidity.
7% preferred return paid quarterly PLUS capital appreciation.
Dividend reinvestment option for compounded returns.
Automatic participation - in the past many of our deals filled up and there were no spots left. Participation in the fund guarantees you a spot.

Tudor McLeod Income Fund

Initial investment term of 12 months with 60-day liquidity.
8% preferred return - $0 - $500K
9% preferred return - $500K - $1M
10% preferred return - $1M+
Dividend reinvestment option for compounded returns.
Steady, consistent income

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